4 šviesos Sp

Address: Taikos str. 6-1, Kreivalauziai, LT-15166 Vilnius district, Lithuania

About Us

4Lights is a trademark of 4 šviesos SP. We are an independent company which began its activities and interest in the BMW brand in 2001. We have a passion for it and we love what we do. Key company’s activities are trading in new and used classic and retro BMW parts and accessories.

We can offer a wide range of OEM and aftermarket product brands for all classic and retro BMW models that are quality-wise chosen for their close co-operation with the manufacturer. We strive to fulfil any query for parts relating any model and will try our best to satisfy any BMW enthusiast.

Our main goal is to supply high-quality products that we would ourselves rely on and will not offer anything to compromise high standards.

We think that our customers deserve the same quality as the BMW brand stands for.